Properly engineered and manufactured suspension coils will not lose free length or installed height under normal racing conditions.

While other companies offer springs as a part of their expanding product line, Hyperco’s focus is on high performance suspension coils. They recognize that the balance and the handling of any race car must be at its optimum for winning results. That’s why they’re dedicated to being the source, world wide, for high performance suspension coils. 

Customers can be assured they are not distracted by other products; trying to be all things to all people. Hyperco’s team of specialists continually work to realize a component that is at its absolute state-of-the-art potential for every application and environment. They continue to combine the finest engineers and craftsmen with the latest manufacturing technology in the industry. Hyperc utilizes the latest in design and performance simulation software, along with multi axis rate and load testing equipment to measure overall dynamic performance.

That’s why Hyperco is the world wide leader in high performance suspension coils and related components, and why Truechoice Koni Racing Services utlizes Hyperco coils on our custom suspension packages.