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Since 1987, Truechoice Koni Racing Services has always had the fundamental belief that any success we would attain comes from the judgement of you, the satisfied racing customer. Couple that basic belief in pleasing the customer with the highest quality name brands in suspension components, KONI and HYPERCO, and you have the foundation on which our reputation has been built.

We know racers and we know they like to have every opportunity to be competitive. That is the Truechoice KONI Racing Services goal - to lend the racer the support they need in making sure their suspension obtains maximum performance. The goal is carried out through the products and services we offer. As an authorized KONI Shock Absorber distributer and factory service center since day one, we believe KONI has always stayed true to their hard-earned reputation for high performance derived from quality and advanced technical design. The same consistent, methodical approach to technology and product quality is the key to making great racing and street car springs by HYPERCO. Combining our 50+ years of on-track racing knowledge with these two great manufacturers, we feel we can improve your opportunities for racing success

Today, the successes at the roots of our business, the road racing customer, has helped us grow into becoming known as a suspension specialists in many different forms of racing. From our extensive background in road racing, we have used the knowledge we have built to help our racing customers be competitive on high-speed ovals, small dirt bull rings, drag strips and parking lot auto-cross events.

The on-line store in this web site is for you to be able to access the information about our technical, shop and at-track suspension services, along with our suspension related product lines 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere your racing takes you.

Shop us anytime on the web, or visit our technical service shop facility in Hilliard, Ohio. Make sure you sign up on our customer list with both your home or shop address, phone number and e-mail address so that we can contact you with regular and e- mailings regarding our products and services. We hope to see you in front at the track!