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Koni Shock Sales

Koni quality and technology are the keys to the performance of your car's suspension. Truechoice Koni Racing Services
is an authorized Koni racing distributor and service center, supplying you with the right Koni products, and factory-trained technicians and services, to keep your car's suspension performing at its absolute best. Koni shocks are made from the highest quality materials, machined to the most narrow tolerances, and are all dyno-tested to assure optimum

Dyno Testing

We operate several dynamometers to measure shock absorber bump and rebound forces, and to create a visual record
of the valving characteristics. Dyno testing is the only way to truly gauge the condition of your shocks.


Koni shocks in most cases can be fully rebuilt. Like any component with moving parts, proper maintenance should be considered to maintain optimum performance. We stock all of the necessary parts and equipment to keep your Koni
shocks in winning condition.

Revalve Service

It is vital that the damping rate of the shock absorber be in harmony with the spring rate and unsprung mass of the
vehicle on whatever track you are racing. TWe will recommend settings and revalve your shocks to suit all applications
(not available on all series of shock absorbers).

Track Testing

Shock absorbers are the heart of any car's suspension. Our track engineering program allows our trained personnel to
assist you to get the most from your car's suspension in terms of handling and speed. Customizing New Koni Shock Absorbers

Truechoice Koni Racing Services can customize Koni shock absorbers to your specifications. Generally, we can access
your requirements by discussing a few simple points with you over the phone or by fax. We recommend for you to call
and discuss all of your requirements with our technicians, whether for new car applications, restorations, updates, or replacements.


Vintage street and racing shocks can be refurbished to like-new conditions, including paint and decals. Complete care is taken to restore these shocks to their original specifications.

Showroom Stock Racing

We can convert most Koni shocks to SP SS (showroom stock) valving. In addition we can convert Koni struts to be double adjustable - externally adjustable in both compression and rebound.

Custom applications

Whether you need custom housings, mountings, coil-over conversions or special valving, the Truechoice Koni Racing
Services technicians can develop a custom solution for you.