Like all KONI shock absorber products, the drag shocks are built with quality and technology in mind. The KONI SPA1 drag shock series replaces all of the “old thinking” that surrounded shock absorbers in drag racing, mainly that the front end of the car has to rise quickly to aid in the weight transfer to the rear wheel. KONI, taking a clean sheet of paper to a new design, decided to take a look at a new way.

First, they use virtually no bump damping to allow the front end to settle quicker to get the nose-down aero advantage that also helps speed. Second, the rebound forces are velocity sensitive to create damping rate proportionate to piston speed. With good hookup the shocks want to react quickly and raise the car, the quick movement is dampened faster to bring the front back down. When the hookup isn’t as good there is less quick lift in the chassis and this gentle lift doesn’t trigger the high-speed circuit, and allows the shock to give more front to rear weight transfer for better bite.

Koni rear SPA1 shocks are now a digressive design, which means the shocks blow off at high piston speeds making it impossible to grossly over damp the rear wheels and have them lift off the track. When the shocks blow off, their is proper unwinding of the rear suspension.

Please keep in mind that KONI SPA1 Drag Shocks are specifically made for the track, and if used on a highway could result in a loss of vehicle control and be a danger in traffic..