2812 MK II Series Racing Damper

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NOTE: The lengths you can select are calculated with the standard top eye. Two other top eye lengths are available. To determine those lengths add 5mm to the lengths for the second top eye and 10mm for the third top eye. Please indicate in your order notes that you want the medium top eye or the largest top eye. Please call with any questions or concerns. We want to get your order right.

When Choosing an Option the dimensions in the selection box are: Stroke, Max Length, Min Length and Body Height. Once you choose an option, it will be displayed just below the options box so you can double-check the part number and that part’s dimensions.

$ 1,360.00


Never a company to leave well enough alone, KONI introduced the latest member of its 28 Series family of racing dampers, the 2812 MK II, after sensing that it already had a good design in the original 2812 package. KONI went looking for ways to make incremental improvements on the original and three design areas were attacked — weight, friction, and precision. The results show the goal was met! Lighter weight materials were used throughout the shock with durability maintained. The friction challenge was met by using state-of-the-art composite materials in key internal components. Precision was improved through splined, rather than keyed, mechanisms. In all, a much-improved step forward from the already
great 2812.

• Teflon® coated cylinder wall
• Reduced friction • Reduced weight
• Improved adjustment mechanism
• New appearance
• Independently adjustable bump and rebound.
• 8 bump and rebound repeatable positions
• No needle valve
• Consistent performance
• Engineering excellence
• Hard anodized aluminum body
• No external reservoir • Compact design

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
2812 MK II Series Racing Damper

2812-214 – 29mm, 214mm, 185mm, 139mm, 2812-219 – 29mm, 219mm, 190mm, 144mm, 2812-224 – 34mm, 224mm, 190mm, 144mm, 2812-229 – 34mm, 229mm, 195mm, 149mm, 2812-234 – 39mm, 234mm, 195mm, 149mm, 2812-239 – 39mm, 239mm, 200mm, 154mm, 2812-244 – 44mm, 244mm, 200mm, 154mm, 2812-249 – 44mm, 249mm, 205mm, 159mm, 2812-254 – 49mm, 254mm, 205mm, 159mm, 2812-259 – 49mm, 259mm, 210mm, 164mm, 2812-264 – 54mm, 264mm, 210mm, 164mm, 2812-269 – 54mm, 269mm, 215mm, 169mm, 2812-274 – 59mm, 274mm, 215mm, 169mm, 2812-279 – 59mm, 279mm, 220mm, 174mm, 2812-284 – 64mm, 284mm, 220mm, 174mm, 2812-289 – 64mm, 289mm, 225mm, 179mm, 2812-294 – 69mm, 294mm, 225mm, 179mm, 2812-299 – 69mm, 299mm, 230mm, 184mm, 2812-304 – 74mm, 304mm, 230mm, 184mm, 2812-309 – 74mm, 309mm, 235mm, 189mm, 2812-314 – 79mm, 314mm, 235mm, 189mm, 2812-319 – 79mm, 319mm, 240mm, 194mm, 2812-324 – 84mm, 324mm, 240mm, 194mm, 2812-329 – 84mm, 329mm, 245mm, 199mm, 2812-334 – 89mm, 334mm, 245mm, 199mm, 2812-339 – 89mm, 339mm, 250mm, 204mm, 2812-344 – 94mm, 344mm, 250mm, 204mm, 2812-349 – 94mm, 349mm, 255mm, 209mm, 2812-354 – 99mm, 354mm, 255mm, 209mm, 2812-359 – 99mm, 359mm, 260mm, 214mm, 2812-364 – 104mm, 364mm, 260mm, 214mm, 2812-369 – 104mm, 369mm, 265mm, 219mm, 2812-374 – 109mm, 374mm, 265mm, 219mm, 2812-379 – 109mm, 379mm, 270mm, 224mm, 2812-384 – 114mm, 384mm, 270mm, 224mm